Month: January 2014

Social media

  Interest in social media

Nowadays we live in a world where technology has come to a point where we can communicate with other people across the seas and oceans instantly; we can have online face-to-face communication with someone else using a smartphone while in an airport or a bus to a different country. All these things are now possible due to advanced technology. Social media are the tools that facilitate communication; people create, share or/and exchange information in virtual communities and networks. As we all know some of the biggest online social network platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, etc.

I’m personally interested in Facebook because this is the one I use daily; I do post pictures and statuses, I look up information and places or most of the times I just read the News Feed to see what my friends have done.  As I said above, nowadays we can communicate with people from across the seas instantly and I use Facebook to stay in touch with my family, which is in Romania. Social media give me the chance to share my stories with my family and friends, and referring to Facebook specifically, I’m always looking for updates to make it work better, faster in order to have an accurate interaction.

Use of social media in the future

From my point of view, knowing exactly what is going to happen in the future is impossible, but anticipating the future is possible. I am sure that social media will keep evolving in the next few years and I’m really looking forward to using as many social networks as possible to build my own career. I want to have my own business, to open my own country club/tennis academy. Social media can also be used for creating brand awareness and public relations. In order to have a successful business, people have to be aware of what you have to offer. Social media will be a great tool to put my name out there on the market and let people know that my country club/tennis academy has the best services. I have already been using social media professionally being on LinkedIn and networking with different people. In my opinion, LinkedIn is a great website that gives you more chances to get a job; you can post your resume and employers all around the world can see it and find your contact information.

Using social media for business also helps me to get feedback from my potential clients. They can easily go online on one of the websites and leave a comment or/and suggest an idea to improve the services. Social media offer a two way communication between business people and their targeted audience.

Since we are living in a technological world, I will definitely use social media in the future to seek out more information and to create brand awareness for my future business.