5 ways to get people to read your Blog

Nowadays we live in a technological world and we have easier access to online information, news, entartainment or blogs. I have created myself a blog because like many other bloggers I want to share my experiences and opinions with other people. I’m not trying to persuade people; I’m just trying to find more information and justify my opinions on nowadays topics. As a blogger, one of my goals is to get as many people as possible to read my posts and eventually start a discussion that could benefit all of us. The question is how do we get people on our blogs? Based on some research I have done, I put together 5 steps that we’ll help any blogger to increase his number of views.

1. Valuable Content                         blog-world

This does not really sound like an advice and it’s pretty self explanatory, but to increase your blog traffic, you have to have a good content. According to Business Grow your content has to be Relevant, Interesting, Timely and Entertaining. Now it’s your job as a blogger to come up with good topics that a lot of people can relate to. Don’t forget: RITE-Relevant, Interesting, Timely, Entertaining.


2. Interact with other blogs

There is no doubt that networking is one of the keys to success in our society. The more connections you have, the better for you. Following the same concept, interacting with other blogs will help you create relationships with other bloggers and people who are following different blogs. As the guys from Wiki How are saying, commenting on popular blogs will help you get more people on your blog. Make sure you don’t lose them once they are on your blog!

3. Link your posts to social networks

According to the same guys from Wiki How, linking your posts to your Facebook profile or any other social platform, will significantly increase your blog traffic. A lot of times I catch myself clicking on different links on Facebook that connect me to blogs. Share your blog posts, put your word out there!

4. Don’t forget images

A pretty blog with good a good content is definitely better than a blog with a good content. Experts in blogging from “About” say that images don’t only make your blog look pretty, but they also help people find you in search engine listings. Google or Yahoo offer the image search option, and naming your images with search engine optimization can easily boost your traffic.

5. Use bulleted/numbered lists

Yes, it is exactly what I’m doing right now. People love to read lists because they are easy to read and build curiosity. It obviously depends on what you want to write about, but according to the blog specialist from “Copy Blogger”, adding a list in your post will bring more people on your blog because it provides a visual break and makes easier to read.


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