How to stop Spotify sharing on Facebook

Spotify is a commercial music streaming service providing digital rights management. In other words, Spotify is a social platform where you can listen to your favorite music and share it with your friends. One way you can sign up for Spotify is using your Facebook account.  We live in a world where Facebook has become a very open public space and people tell their lives stories or share feelings. Along with many private details about our lives, such as work and education, birth place, relationship status, relatives and so on, we can also see what others are listening to on Spotify. As soon as you signed up for Spotify and played a first song, it will appear on your wall. Spotify posts the name of the songs automaticaly. Not only that, but experts from Tech Hive claim that this information will show up in the live news for all your friends to see. Personally, I do not like that. I want at least to have the impression that I still control some of my private information on Facebook. According to the guys from AllFacebook, we can hide almost anything (Yahoo news, news reports, etc), but  here are 5 easy steps to stop Spotify sharing on Facebook.

1. Log into your Facebook account by entering your email address and password at the top right corner of the screen and then click “Log In”(click image to enlarge).

2.Once you are logged on your profile, click on the “Settings” icon  at the top right corner of the page. As the picture bellow shows, then click on Settings.

3.On the left side column, click on “Apps.”

4. Scroll down until you find Spotify. Then click on it.

clicl spotify

5. Lastly, go to the “visibility of app” box and click on it. A drop down menu will open. Click on “Only me.”

only me

According to Guiding Tech, you can also remove the app’s permission to post updates on your behalf completely. Folks at Social Times think that many people are afraid that because apps like Spotify, sharing information that you don’t want to be shared, embarassing things can happen; or your boss who is your friend on Facebook can find out that you are listening to music while working. And as Social Times experts say, you can also stop Spotify sharing your information from a mobile device as well.


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