Month: April 2014

How to create an event on Facebook

We all have been invited to different events on Facebook. The video I chose to talk about shows us how to create one and how to invite our friends.

Overall, I believe this video is a good useful tutorial. At the beginning it had a teaser to promote the company which created the video.

One of the good things of this tutorial is the clear voice with no background noise. It makes it very easy to understand. The guy who talked us through also mentioned that we can create an event for basically anything we want as long as it is associated with time or date. We also found out that we have to use a short title for our event so people can remember it. As the tutorial said, we have to have an event photo because gets more attention.

In the end, we were offered another alternative to remind people we have an event coming up, which is posting the link of the event in the social status bar on our timeline. The 4 minute length is perfect to have people’s attention and not make them close the tab. If the video was too long, it would lose audience’s attention.

On the other hand, one of the things I didn’t like was the fact that he didn’t tell us how to log on Facebook. The guy assumed that we were familiar with Facebook, but nowadays a lot of new companies are opening a Facebook profile just to create events, and some of the people in charge with this are in the process of learning how to use Facebook.

I truly believe this video is usefull and it can be used by anyone who wants to learn how to create an event on Facebook.


Website Review

Facebook is currently the biggest social media platform and there are a lot of online sources that talk about this social network. Today I won’t be looking at what Facebook says or does, but I will be looking at how a well known reliable online source transmits information to the audience.

CNN recently posted an article about Facebook where they are presenting the “break-up” between a food delivery website and the social media network. The reason is simple: the food delivery website is no longer happy with the algorithm that decides which posts users see in their feeds. Since we are looking at how CNN presents its news and how the website is built, in my opinion they have a good interface. It is easy to access, with simple steps to follow. The text has the proper size and font. The spacing between paragraphs is also good because it makes it easy to read and understand.

One of the good things of the website is the discussion area at the bottom of the page that gives people the chance to leave a feedback and comment on the news. On the other hand, I believe that one of the things that could be improved is the news column of the website. It provides to many irrelevant news and ads. I think they should focus more on the ads that are related to the article presented.


As you can see in the picture above, there are displayed too many news that do not have any connection to each other. Once again, I want to mention that throughout this blog post I’m only expressing my personal opinion.

Another good thing about the website is its colors and contrasts. Red is a powerful color that sticks out and gets people’s attention. The white background creates a perfect contrast so the written part can be easily seen.

Overall, I believe the information found on the site is valuable and reliable. A lot of people around the world access this website seeking the best information and most of the time the facts are real.