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How to create an event on Facebook

We all have been invited to different events on Facebook. The video I chose to talk about shows us how to create one and how to invite our friends.

Overall, I believe this video is a good useful tutorial. At the beginning it had a teaser to promote the company which created the video.

One of the good things of this tutorial is the clear voice with no background noise. It makes it very easy to understand. The guy who talked us through also mentioned that we can create an event for basically anything we want as long as it is associated with time or date. We also found out that we have to use a short title for our event so people can remember it. As the tutorial said, we have to have an event photo because gets more attention.

In the end, we were offered another alternative to remind people we have an event coming up, which is posting the link of the event in the social status bar on our timeline. The 4 minute length is perfect to have people’s attention and not make them close the tab. If the video was too long, it would lose audience’s attention.

On the other hand, one of the things I didn’t like was the fact that he didn’t tell us how to log on Facebook. The guy assumed that we were familiar with Facebook, but nowadays a lot of new companies are opening a Facebook profile just to create events, and some of the people in charge with this are in the process of learning how to use Facebook.

I truly believe this video is usefull and it can be used by anyone who wants to learn how to create an event on Facebook.


Website Review

Facebook is currently the biggest social media platform and there are a lot of online sources that talk about this social network. Today I won’t be looking at what Facebook says or does, but I will be looking at how a well known reliable online source transmits information to the audience.

CNN recently posted an article about Facebook where they are presenting the “break-up” between a food delivery website and the social media network. The reason is simple: the food delivery website is no longer happy with the algorithm that decides which posts users see in their feeds. Since we are looking at how CNN presents its news and how the website is built, in my opinion they have a good interface. It is easy to access, with simple steps to follow. The text has the proper size and font. The spacing between paragraphs is also good because it makes it easy to read and understand.

One of the good things of the website is the discussion area at the bottom of the page that gives people the chance to leave a feedback and comment on the news. On the other hand, I believe that one of the things that could be improved is the news column of the website. It provides to many irrelevant news and ads. I think they should focus more on the ads that are related to the article presented.


As you can see in the picture above, there are displayed too many news that do not have any connection to each other. Once again, I want to mention that throughout this blog post I’m only expressing my personal opinion.

Another good thing about the website is its colors and contrasts. Red is a powerful color that sticks out and gets people’s attention. The white background creates a perfect contrast so the written part can be easily seen.

Overall, I believe the information found on the site is valuable and reliable. A lot of people around the world access this website seeking the best information and most of the time the facts are real.

How to stop Spotify sharing on Facebook

Spotify is a commercial music streaming service providing digital rights management. In other words, Spotify is a social platform where you can listen to your favorite music and share it with your friends. One way you can sign up for Spotify is using your Facebook account.  We live in a world where Facebook has become a very open public space and people tell their lives stories or share feelings. Along with many private details about our lives, such as work and education, birth place, relationship status, relatives and so on, we can also see what others are listening to on Spotify. As soon as you signed up for Spotify and played a first song, it will appear on your wall. Spotify posts the name of the songs automaticaly. Not only that, but experts from Tech Hive claim that this information will show up in the live news for all your friends to see. Personally, I do not like that. I want at least to have the impression that I still control some of my private information on Facebook. According to the guys from AllFacebook, we can hide almost anything (Yahoo news, news reports, etc), but  here are 5 easy steps to stop Spotify sharing on Facebook.

1. Log into your Facebook account by entering your email address and password at the top right corner of the screen and then click “Log In”(click image to enlarge).

2.Once you are logged on your profile, click on the “Settings” icon  at the top right corner of the page. As the picture bellow shows, then click on Settings.

3.On the left side column, click on “Apps.”

4. Scroll down until you find Spotify. Then click on it.

clicl spotify

5. Lastly, go to the “visibility of app” box and click on it. A drop down menu will open. Click on “Only me.”

only me

According to Guiding Tech, you can also remove the app’s permission to post updates on your behalf completely. Folks at Social Times think that many people are afraid that because apps like Spotify, sharing information that you don’t want to be shared, embarassing things can happen; or your boss who is your friend on Facebook can find out that you are listening to music while working. And as Social Times experts say, you can also stop Spotify sharing your information from a mobile device as well.

5 ways to get people to read your Blog

Nowadays we live in a technological world and we have easier access to online information, news, entartainment or blogs. I have created myself a blog because like many other bloggers I want to share my experiences and opinions with other people. I’m not trying to persuade people; I’m just trying to find more information and justify my opinions on nowadays topics. As a blogger, one of my goals is to get as many people as possible to read my posts and eventually start a discussion that could benefit all of us. The question is how do we get people on our blogs? Based on some research I have done, I put together 5 steps that we’ll help any blogger to increase his number of views.

1. Valuable Content                         blog-world

This does not really sound like an advice and it’s pretty self explanatory, but to increase your blog traffic, you have to have a good content. According to Business Grow your content has to be Relevant, Interesting, Timely and Entertaining. Now it’s your job as a blogger to come up with good topics that a lot of people can relate to. Don’t forget: RITE-Relevant, Interesting, Timely, Entertaining.


2. Interact with other blogs

There is no doubt that networking is one of the keys to success in our society. The more connections you have, the better for you. Following the same concept, interacting with other blogs will help you create relationships with other bloggers and people who are following different blogs. As the guys from Wiki How are saying, commenting on popular blogs will help you get more people on your blog. Make sure you don’t lose them once they are on your blog!

3. Link your posts to social networks

According to the same guys from Wiki How, linking your posts to your Facebook profile or any other social platform, will significantly increase your blog traffic. A lot of times I catch myself clicking on different links on Facebook that connect me to blogs. Share your blog posts, put your word out there!

4. Don’t forget images

A pretty blog with good a good content is definitely better than a blog with a good content. Experts in blogging from “About” say that images don’t only make your blog look pretty, but they also help people find you in search engine listings. Google or Yahoo offer the image search option, and naming your images with search engine optimization can easily boost your traffic.

5. Use bulleted/numbered lists

Yes, it is exactly what I’m doing right now. People love to read lists because they are easy to read and build curiosity. It obviously depends on what you want to write about, but according to the blog specialist from “Copy Blogger”, adding a list in your post will bring more people on your blog because it provides a visual break and makes easier to read.

Social media

  Interest in social media

Nowadays we live in a world where technology has come to a point where we can communicate with other people across the seas and oceans instantly; we can have online face-to-face communication with someone else using a smartphone while in an airport or a bus to a different country. All these things are now possible due to advanced technology. Social media are the tools that facilitate communication; people create, share or/and exchange information in virtual communities and networks. As we all know some of the biggest online social network platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, etc.

I’m personally interested in Facebook because this is the one I use daily; I do post pictures and statuses, I look up information and places or most of the times I just read the News Feed to see what my friends have done.  As I said above, nowadays we can communicate with people from across the seas instantly and I use Facebook to stay in touch with my family, which is in Romania. Social media give me the chance to share my stories with my family and friends, and referring to Facebook specifically, I’m always looking for updates to make it work better, faster in order to have an accurate interaction.

Use of social media in the future

From my point of view, knowing exactly what is going to happen in the future is impossible, but anticipating the future is possible. I am sure that social media will keep evolving in the next few years and I’m really looking forward to using as many social networks as possible to build my own career. I want to have my own business, to open my own country club/tennis academy. Social media can also be used for creating brand awareness and public relations. In order to have a successful business, people have to be aware of what you have to offer. Social media will be a great tool to put my name out there on the market and let people know that my country club/tennis academy has the best services. I have already been using social media professionally being on LinkedIn and networking with different people. In my opinion, LinkedIn is a great website that gives you more chances to get a job; you can post your resume and employers all around the world can see it and find your contact information.

Using social media for business also helps me to get feedback from my potential clients. They can easily go online on one of the websites and leave a comment or/and suggest an idea to improve the services. Social media offer a two way communication between business people and their targeted audience.

Since we are living in a technological world, I will definitely use social media in the future to seek out more information and to create brand awareness for my future business.